A Guide to Building Foundations
Groundworks and Building Work in Redhill

Looking to build a new property extension for your home? Need to learn more about how foundations support your property? Here at T.W. Groundwork, we provide a wide range of landscaping, groundworks and building work for our clients in the wider Redhill area. Regional leaders in laying foundations, we utilise a small fleet of dumpers, diggers and grab lorries to prepare foundations for buildings of all sizes. 

An integral part of any construction project, foundations need to be of the highest quality to ensure the safety of the new building. We excavate and lay sub bases when installing new driveways, garden paving and patios.

An unseen component that requires a specialist installation, foundations are simple once you learn a few basic concepts. Here is a quick guide to building foundations four our clients in the Redhill area: 


What is a Foundation?

The base of the building, a foundation anchors the structure to the ground, evenly distributing weight and ensuring stability. Almost always made from concrete, there are many different configurations which groundworks teams have to choose from.

Invisible to onlookers, the foundation is perhaps the most important part of any building and needs to be laid by a skilled contractor.

Alongside foundations, we also offer a range of building work and hard landscaping services for the Redhill area, including property extensions, new driveways and garden paving.

What are the Different Types of Foundations?

Depending on the size of the building and many other environmental factors, it is important that the correct foundation type is chosen.

Here are six common types:

  • Strip Foundations

  • Deep Foundations

  • Shallow Foundations

  • Pile Foundations

  • Raft Foundations

  • Trench Fill Foundations

Shallow strips are a common configuration, but for a more secure base our groundworks contractors recommend deep or raft foundations. Pad foundations are smaller concrete slabs which are carefully placed to save on materials when building a timber-framed building.

Environmental Factors

Every project should start with a land survey and soil test, as excavations cannot begin without understanding the landscape you are working on. 

If large trees are growing around the plot, you may have to reconsider. Not only can excavating destabilise trees and risk a collapse, but the roots may undermine the foundations in the coming years.

Always reference a map of water mains, electricity cables and sewer networks before commencing. This avoids a costly or dangerous accident. Remember to be careful with the foundations of nearby buildings, making sure to work safely at all times.

Based near Redhill, we provide groundworks, building work, property extensions, new driveways and garden paving and patios. Trusted in the local area, we are the smart choice for home and business owners in Surrey.

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